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In the event of withdrawal prior to receipt of the product, you must refuse the product upon delivery and notify us, as we will arrange for cancellation within 10 (ten) calendar days after receipt of the product in our store again.


The refund of the amount paid will occur according to payment options below: Credit Card: Your card administrator will be notified and the chargeback will occur on up to two subsequent invoices. Bank slip or debit account: refund will be made by electronic transfer in the checking account indicated by the buyer, within 10 business days. It is necessary that the CPF of the current account holder is the same as in the application (CPF of the customer). In purchases in installments, the refund will obey the procedures of the financial agent involved. In case of return, the refund of the values ​​will be processed only after receiving and analyzing the conditions of the product (s) in our shop again. The refund will be made in the total value of the returned / canceled product, adding up the value of the freight. We are exempt from the responsibility of canceling or repairing any product that clearly displays misuse.

PRODUCT EXCHANGE - MODEL DIVERGENCE and / or IRREGULARITY IN QUALITY Check the product immediately upon delivery. If there is any disagreement with the product or the quality of delivery, please refuse and record the reason for the return on the back of the invoice. Do not sign any other documents. Once communicated by the carrier about the return, our team will arrange a new order with the shipment of the product. If you receive the merchandise and it shows some divergence, it must be without evidence of use, accompanied by invoice, manual and all its accessories to be replaced by another product of the same species (model and brand). The deadline to contact our Customer Service Center is 07 (seven) calendar days from the receipt of the product. The exchange or cancellation of the order will only be made after we have analyzed the product. The deadline for product collection, at the same delivery address, will be informed via email or telephone. The deadline for the exchange will depend on the availability of the same model of the product in our inventory and will be informed via email or telephone. If the product is unavailable in our stock, it may be replaced by another similar product in the same value. However, in case you do not want the similar product, you will have the right to request the cancellation of the purchase.

DEFECTIVE PRODUCT EXCHANGE The request for exchange must be communicated to the client within 7 (seven) calendar days, counting from the date of receipt. Within this period the customer has the right to request the exchange, provided that accompanied by a technical report of one of the accredited technical assistance and the product is without evidence of misuse, accompanied by invoice, manual and all its accessories. The deadline for product collection will be informed via email or telephone. The products will be reviewed by us and may be returned without prior consultation in case of non-compliance with the criteria listed above or no defect is found. If the product purchased on our site is defective after 7 (seven) days from the date of receipt, but within the warranty period of the product, you must contact us to communicate the fact and obtain clarification.

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